Mealtime Mess

Ever since day 1 I wanted my baby to be independent. I was so eager for her to learn things on her own, not because I did not want to do anything for her but I just wanted to make sure she knew what she wants. (too soon? lol I know!)

One thing I have learned through this is that feeding a baby can be MESSY! Alayna wants to eat on her own most of the time so if she’s having veggies, fruits, meat or pasta – she gets to eat with her hand and I think that’s great. But what’s not great is the mess I have to sweep after every mealtime.

Few things I have learned through all this:

  • It’s okay for them to be messy. It’s their way of learning how to self feed
  • They are getting used to their own way of eating. Figuring out different textures and taste of food
  • It’s important for parents to stay positive through all the mess while baby is eating. That way they won’t get aggressive when you are trying to show them how to hold a spoon or pick up food with the fork.


Top 5 Products We Loved Using As New Parents

Can’t believe it’s 2019 and out little baby is 13 months now. Looking back at when I was shopping for her before her arrival, I wanted to buy everything. I would go back and forth, read reviews and get confused because let’s face it – there are way too many products for babies!

I’m super excited about this post and hope it makes shopping for new a bit easier. I’ll dive right into the products and please let me know if you love them too!

Favorite New Born Products We Used

In the beginning we used muslin blankets to wrap her for the night and every morning we would wake up to Alayna’s hand being out or she’s completely unwrapped (she moved a lot!). I then started hearing a lot about SIDS and it got me worried. One of my friends recommended me the Halo sleep sack and it’s been one of the best purchases we made so far. She started to sleep a lot better at night and we did not have to worry about her getting out of it.

This is probably my most favorite product I used during the first few months of motherhood and I wish I could still fit her in it. Alayna used to sleep a lot better as a newborn compared to how she is currently. Her last feed used to be at midnight so I used to just swivel her over and feed her without having to get up or be uncomfortable. The bassinet fit nicely next to our bed and it literally feels like you are co-sleeping. And not to forget, it also has a soothing center with lullabies and more!

When you have a baby you’ll know that your life will be all about changing diapers. I was very reluctant to change her on the bed or any cloth material cause trust me you don’t want that extra headache of washing them. The Keekaroo Changer was exactly what I needed, the incredible quality and ability to just wipe it down after every use was a lifesaver.

I actually bought this when I saw one of my favorite mama DressYourFace (Tamanna) was using this on her daughter. This is perfect for babies because you don’t have to worry about cutting them with a clipper. Sometimes it took a little longer than usual to buff her nails but I could do it while she was up and she barely scratched herself. Amazing product for a first time mama if you are nervous about using a traditional clipper.

Trust me when I saw Alayna never had a colic issues when we gave her Dr. Browns. She is still doing both (breast and bottle fed) and till date loved it. The way these bottles are designed, it reduces gas and the slow flow of the milk mimics breastfeeding which was a plus for me as I went back to work when she was three months old.


Baby Sprinkles!

I’m super excited to share my baby shower photos with you all! I am VERY blessed to be surrounded by so many loving people in my life. Needless to say, I was extremely excited to have a party in my honor, where I was the center of attention haha 😉
In all seriousness, I knew I had one traditional shower planned, but guess what? I had 5 surprise baby showers!!

6 tips on a successful baby shower:

  • ALWAYS listen to the mama! She might be giving out hints 😉
  • Creative invitations for friends & family
  • Cute decor depending on the gender if you know
  • Food & Drinks – Appetizers are always a hit. Don’t forget the cake! I feel like it’s one of the most important part of the shower
  • Games are fun – You might keep it simple and not too time consuming. Gifts are always a nice touch too
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget taking pictures. I love using the polaroid camera!

Tea Party Shower by my amazing husband and friends
Baby shower brunch arranged by Dewan’s cousin
Office themed shower arranged by my co workers
Traditional Baby shower
5th and last surprise shower