Baby Sprinkles!

I’m super excited to share my baby shower photos with you all! I am VERY blessed to be surrounded by so many loving people in my life. Needless to say, I was extremely excited to have a party in my honor, where I was the center of attention haha 😉
In all seriousness, I knew I had one traditional shower planned, but guess what? I had 5 surprise baby showers!!

6 tips on a successful baby shower:

  • ALWAYS listen to the mama! She might be giving out hints 😉
  • Creative invitations for friends & family
  • Cute decor depending on the gender if you know
  • Food & Drinks – Appetizers are always a hit. Don’t forget the cake! I feel like it’s one of the most important part of the shower
  • Games are fun – You might keep it simple and not too time consuming. Gifts are always a nice touch too
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget taking pictures. I love using the polaroid camera!

Tea Party Shower by my amazing husband and friends
Baby shower brunch arranged by Dewan’s cousin
Office themed shower arranged by my co workers
Traditional Baby shower
5th and last surprise shower

The First Few Moments

I remember sitting inside a Target bathroom, holding the pregnancy test and my whole world spinning around me. I was never someone who had dreams about marriage or think about being a mother, so this was probably one of the biggest challenges of my life. So many questions revolving around my head – I want to be happy but I also wanted to be prepared. What do I do now? What are my next steps?

After realizing that it’s actually happening, I cried (duh) thinking I am now responsible of a human being growing inside me.. Yup – probably should have called my husband, because I was a mess. But then you know what? I realized that this will be a second chance for me. A second chance to relive my childhood all over again!

So here we are today, both celebrating 7 months as a newborn and as a first time mother. All I wish for my daughter is to be a good human and an independent one. And of course, make me her BFF because I’m one of those cool moms, If I do say so myself.