Money Saving Ideas For New Parents


How much stuff did you buy for your child when you first became a parent? Now when I look back, I see so many unnecessary EXPENSIVE items in our closets and drawers.

Few things that can help you save👇🏼
👶🏻 Stock up on diapers and wipes from the hospital
👶🏻 Rest and don’t turn the tv on when you’re at the hospital. I just learned they charge you for that (I know, ridiculous)
👶🏻 Don’t buy a whole crib/bedroom set just for ‘aesthetic’ if you’re going to keep the baby in your room for a few years (I did it and now I regret it)
👶🏻 Try buying gears that can be used in more than one way (like a stroller car seat combo)
👶🏻 Resist buying clothes frequently. They grow out of them too quickly. Instead, buy clothes with room to grow
👶🏻 Skip the nursing mom wardrobe. You only need a few basics

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