Alayna’s ‘Two Wild’ Birthday Party

Took me only 7 months to write this blog but here I am! When I was pregnant, Dewan and I always talked about our future kid’s birthdays and how we want to make it about them and not us. By ‘them’ I meant all the kids, not just Alayna. So our priority was to make sure the kids have fun!

I promise we had fun ball pits, mega blocks, bubbles, and a gigantic bounce house. We rented the blocks and the bounce house. Ball pits were made by all the balls and tents we had in the house. But really, this post is mainly dedicated to the decor (which I am so proud of!) I will forever be grateful to my MIL and the vendors we used.

All the wonderful vendors are linked below! Go check them out 🙂 

Decor Details:

  1. Cake and cookies were by Sugarandtreats. She created exactly what we were looking for and it tasted amazing!
  2. The balloon garland, “WILD TWO’ sign, the giraffe, and the welcome boards were by Partypopevents.
  3. Bounce house, blocks, kids table, and chairs were rented from Panda_Party_Rentals. They were very flexible and managed to find chairs matching our theme.
  4. Cupcake toppers, bubbles, photo booth props, and goodie bags were from Amazon.
  5. Milestone poster was from Etsy by LittlePrintsParties.

We had a blast prepping for her party and I really hope you all like it!

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