London Travel Guide

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Alayna spend time with my mom and sister. That being said, our short trip to London was exactly what I needed and we made wonderful memories.


Where We Stayed
We definitely saved a lot by staying at my sister’s place. It’s always fun if you are staying with a family or friend when traveling. Her place is in Stratford and just a couple minutes of walk from the Westfield Mall and West Ham United stadium.


What We Ate
During this trip we wanted to try some local and street food but ended up not liking fish and chips that much. Some of them we recommend are Poppies for fish and chips, Old Town 97 in China Town for some really good duck and bubble waffles. Sushi Samba for omg yummy food, Browns at Windsor for afternoon tea and Harrods for coffee and pastries.

IMG_0507 2IMG_0519IMG_5282IMG_5301IMG_5555IMG_5902

Places we visited
During our trip we wanted to see as much as possible but due to time limitation, a tired toddler and London’s gloomy weather we limited to things we really wanted check out.

The Classic/Hop on Hop off. It’s a double-decker bus tour with sightseeing experience you don’t want to miss!

Windsor Castle. Took a tour inside the castle and also got to see St. George’s Chapel

London Eye. If you want the perfect London view this is a must. London eye is the most popular Pais tourist attraction.

Leicester Square. Be it food, family, theatre or just for your IG feed, this is London’s most iconic square.

Tower Bridge. Did y’all know Tower bridge in NOT London bridge? I always had this confusion as a kid.

Harrods. Last but not the least – some damage was done at Harrods mall including a cup of latte and brioche 😉

IMG_5535 2IMG_5333DSC09289IMG_7727IMG_5553 2

Thank you for reading! Hope this helps for a first timer. Please leave a comment if you want to see more or any changes xoxo

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