LittleA’s Diaper Bag Essentials

Hey friends! What’s in your diaper bag? Let’s start with the obvious.

  1. Diapers
    This is obviously a must if you’re baby is not potty trained. Depending on your baby’s age, I usually change diapers every 1 1.2 or 2 hours so having around 8-9 is safe. It also depends on how long you’re gone for. Pack more if you’re out for a longer period of time. I usually just get a whole new pack if I’m traveling.
  2. Wipes
    This one is pretty simple – I just take the full package. We use wipes for so many things besides on her (mainly use as a make up remover lol)
  3. Portable Changing Pad
    We’ve had our fair share of blowouts and took me a while before switching to changing pads from cloths. Linking the one we use here
  4. Extra Clothes
    This ones a must for me! I’ve always had tons of extra clothes in the diaper bag. You never know when you need them. I usually have her outfits ready before heading out depending on how long we’re out for. Dresses and rompers are the easiest for me so far when traveling.
  5. Extra shoes & Bows
    Ok so this one is just me being extra but babygirl needs matching shoes and bows for her all her outfits. 😉 I got a pack of bows from Amazon and it almost covers all the colors you need. Linking it here
  6. Diaper Cream, Aquaphor and Hand Sanitizers
    If your baby has dry skin or rash, it’s always good to carry these items. Hand sanitizers are essential because you never know when you need them especially with a baby. This one is mainly for parents/adults. We just use wipes and aquaphor on Alayna
  7. Snacks and Drinks
    Always ALWAYS carry snacks and drinks (if your baby is over 6 months and if not then formula/milk) in the bag. Alayna tends to snack on the go and we love our snack holders. It’s spill free and easy to use. If you’re baby is still not doing solids then I highly recommend the Plum Organic pouches. Alayna used to love these!
  8. Toys and Books
    Wanna keep your baby busy? We always carry toys and books for her BUT I usually pack different toys and books every time we head out so that she doesn’t get bored unless your baby has a favorite toy!Hope this was helpful!

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