3 Reasons Why I Am Emotionally Attached To Alayna’s Belongings

Hey friends! So, I finally decided to clean out Alayna’s closet and sort out her old clothes/shoes. Not going to lie it was pretty emotional for me. I definitely did not want to let go of all the memories. I guess a part of me is still trying to hold on to her things that reminds me of her as a NB. BUT I finally got myself to do this and realized that it would be more meaningful for me to keep stuff that I REALLY want to and donate others to people who really need them.

  1. Memorabilia:
    Every single clothing reminded me of something special or funny. Like, ‘oh, first diaper disaster in this onesie’.
  2. Save it for second baby:I saved so much for me next baby but guess what? Do I have any plans for that? No. Do I want another baby anytime soon? No. What if it’s a boy? I am not going to make my son wear Alayna’s dress! LOL but oh well..I saved a ton
  3. My crazy obsession with baby shoes:
    I don’t know what it is with me but I love baby shoes. I have so many shoes for her and it’s still all in her room. I buy all kinds of shoes for her and I don’t have the heart to donate them. I don’t think I will ever be able to.

It took me a lot of courage (not being dramatic) to actually sort out pieces I wanted to get rid off and donate. PLEASE DONATE if you can! I looked around her room and saw so much that I barely even use. There are so many people in need but can’t afford much.


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