Mealtime Mess

Ever since day 1 I wanted my baby to be independent. I was so eager for her to learn things on her own, not because I did not want to do anything for her but I just wanted to make sure she knew what she wants. (too soon? lol I know!)

One thing I have learned through this is that feeding a baby can be MESSY! Alayna wants to eat on her own most of the time so if she’s having veggies, fruits, meat or pasta – she gets to eat with her hand and I think that’s great. But what’s not great is the mess I have to sweep after every mealtime.

Few things I have learned through all this:

  • It’s okay for them to be messy. It’s their way of learning how to self feed
  • They are getting used to their own way of eating. Figuring out different textures and taste of food
  • It’s important for parents to stay positive through all the mess while baby is eating. That way they won’t get aggressive when you are trying to show them how to hold a spoon or pick up food with the fork.


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