Tips For Traveling with an Infant

I won’t lie – I was pretty nervous about getting on a plane with LittleA for the first time. I did a little research, asked around and realized you just need to pack according to your babies need and not yours. FYI one thing I learned while traveling was you can take liquid formula (over an ounce) and they just get it checked at the security line right in front of you!

I went ahead and sorted out 4 tips on traveling with an infant. Hope y’all like it 🙂

  1. If you are still breastfeeding, do it while take off and landing. It helps them with the pain caused by the change of the air pressure. I did it and had a perfectly happy baby in the plane. Don’t think too much about who’s looking just make sure you have the efficient gear to make it easier for you. I linked the ones I used.
  2. Make your life easy and travel light! Minimalist baby gear is the way to go. Pack their diapers, food and extra clothes. Our flight was only for 3 hours so I kept it simple.
  3. Do yourself a favor and get a carseat that can be attached to the stroller! All you need to do it check it in at the gate and they will have it at the door ready for you once you land. That way you don’t have to carry two separate gears on top of a baby lol. We use the Chicco Urban 6 in 1 Modular Stroller/Carseat and love it!
  4. You know when I was pregnant with Alayna, I was sure I would not be that mom who would give up and hand the baby a tablet. Well guess what? That was a fail! Limit your time but bring a tablet if your baby likes watching something on Youtube. Especially if you are in for a long flight!
    Hope you enjoyed reading!


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