The First Few Moments

I remember sitting inside a Target bathroom, holding the pregnancy test and my whole world spinning around me. I was never someone who had dreams about marriage or think about being a mother, so this was probably one of the biggest challenges of my life. So many questions revolving around my head – I want to be happy but I also wanted to be prepared. What do I do now? What are my next steps?

After realizing that it’s actually happening, I cried (duh) thinking I am now responsible of a human being growing inside me.. Yup – probably should have called my husband, because I was a mess. But then you know what? I realized that this will be a second chance for me. A second chance to relive my childhood all over again!

So here we are today, both celebrating 7 months as a newborn and as a first time mother. All I wish for my daughter is to be a good human and an independent one. And of course, make me her BFF because I’m one of those cool moms, If I do say so myself.


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